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Android Phones - The Latest Growing trend in Cellular phone Technology


Android phones are the recent fad and craze which has absorbed the cellular phone buyers. The crooks to be more effective known as smart phones using android technology with innumerable features and applications. Android mobiles are actually one of the most commonly preferred mobile devices using innovative and advanced technology. It's got proved to be a desired phone segment around the world having its attractive application downloading facility. Android is primarily a practical system determined by Linux. This product was basically put together by Google employee Andy Rubin and it is growing popularity just has result in increased membership number.

Android phones produce an affordable platform for downloading tools and applications from the web at absolutely free. One doesn't require to purchase applications that you can get by android and can be downloaded without having to pay anything extra. Such applications tend to be put together by vacation or those software professionals of the development company. These applications are created in line with different client requirements and therefore are created using the assistance of technology which does not require any licensing or permission. Such applications are again priced affordably and fairly to make unique applications for that android market. Nowadays, most mobiles are in-built by using these systems and so are priced accordingly with respect to the features.

Android phones are made having an integrated advanced technology which gives the mandatory platform for various applications. Several programs can even be combined through such android platform. Many-a-times, mobile development companies use android as a platform to combine programs or promote them. These phones are the most coveted and a lot in demand phones of the current generation. Most of these phones are known for their multi-tasking, user-friendliness and multi-functionality. They may be mainly run by the customized graphics inside the 2D and 3D library built with the usage of OpenGL ES 1.0.

Android mobiles are made to make tasks easier and let it with proper security path for the sake of safety. These possess a framework of featured applications that is utilized to reuse or replace the aspects of the device. The product browser is dependent on the engine for open source webkit and fitted with SQLite for storing data. These mobiles will also be enabled with media supportive formats like audio, video as well as other formats for still image like MPEG4, H.264, MP3, MP4, AAC etc. Such phones also had various add-on features like 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, GPS navigator and compass about the handsets.

Other integral features in these high-end, advanced handsets or mobiles are memory storage capacity, performance profiling, emulator, debugging oral appliance plug-ins. The crooks to are marked by features like sleek design, dual core application processor and Amoled display. Mobile brands like Sony offer personalized features like Timescape, messaging and application downloading facilities in line with the android platform. Micromax also presents various android supportive features like touchscreen technology, Global positioning system, android market, sensor etc. Another striking features of such cell phones RAM capacity of 256MB, ROM of 512 MB, Flash, light sensor, Videos Resolution of 320�240 (QVGA), 16 GB expandable memory, 3.5 mm jack, bluetooth, USB port etc.

Post by technology1u (2016-07-19 13:42)

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